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Our Schools are proud to offer tremendous resources to support our students.  These resources come in many formats, but a few of the most important are highlighted here.


At our schools, students instantly feel a part of something larger than themselves. Living with their peers and working with our faculty provides a support network for students from which they can draw confidence and inspiration to pursue their goals.

Student Body 

Our schools intentionally attract and admit students that are diverse across many different spectrums. This diversity helps our students learn from their peers, both in and out of the classroom. Students at our schools find themselves in classrooms and dormitories with other students who love to learn, and this fellowship fosters a diverse and inclusive environment where students can grow and excel.


Our talented teachers, program directors, and coaches are able to teach and instruct in areas of expertise, while pursuing their own professional development. Our small student-to-teacher ratios allow for authentic interactions that go far beyond the academic material. Students will get to know their teachers, coaches, and dorm parents and our Faculty take pride in supporting our students throughout their entire campus experience.


Students benefit from both the breadth and depth of programming at our Schools. Academic class offerings often number in the hundreds, with differentiated levels in each subject. The same approach applies to our afternoon programming. Arts, service opportunities, fitness/athletics, and other individual pursuits are a part of the experience for students when they are not in class.


Each school in the Ten Schools is unique, but we all have extraordinary campuses that become both school and home for students. Our facilities offer students the chance to pursue all of their passions in one place – no more commuting or juggling hectic schedules in the evening.