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Can I see the college list? 

This is the first question that many families ask about when thinking about “outcomes.” The college matriculation lists within the Ten Schools are selective and impressive. While important information to have in your back pocket, our schools and your experience go way beyond a simple list.

Boarding school is about the experience, which in turn delivers the results you usually seek. When talking about outcomes, it is important to think about some of the intangible and lifelong benefits of a boarding school experience.

Relationships – Your connections with classmates and teachers are deeper and go well beyond your time at our schools. Classmates are from around the world, which leads to a diversity of experiences, thoughts, and interests. You learn from each other, each and every day. Your teachers are also your coaches, dorm parents, club leaders, and advocates. High school is a transformative time and the connections that you make with the people around you are central to this experience.

Opportunity – As you get older you never have enough time to pursue all your interests. Boarding schools actually eliminate logistical challenges. You suddenly have more time. Your life is all on one campus and the expectation is that you are involved in the full life of the school - academics, arts, athletics, service, clubs. You have the choice and opportunity to grow into your best self.

Responsibility – Our schools meet you where you are and increase your responsibility over your boarding school experience. Organization, time management, collaboration, self-advocacy, leadership, curiosity are just a few traits in which we see tremendous growth in our graduates. Our schools are student-centered communities where you have a true impact on everyone around you. And when you graduate, you are more than ready to make the leap to college.

Confidence – At boarding school, your engagement in all aspects of school life, while in a supportive environment, allows you to truly discover your passions. Some that you already knew about, and some that you try for the first time on our campuses. These new experiences lead to a greater sense of self-awareness and self-confidence as you challenge yourself.

Through attending one of our schools, you gain friends and mentors for life, a nearly endless number of opportunities, increased responsibility and the confidence. These are the outcomes that you will remember well beyond your time at our schools.