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The Ten Schools, a leading consortium of independent boarding schools, offers students the chance to share interests and talents in a supportive community, and to explore and grow beyond a student’s comfort zone with dedicated peers from every background. Our schools thrive on diversity of thinking and require the benefits of difference to get there, but also unite around shared purpose and school experience.

You will have mentors and role models. Some will be official, such as your advisor, your teachers, instructors, student leaders, captains, and coaches, while others will emerge organically, including peers who make you laugh, offer some help with a course of study, or who impress you with their courage, empathy and conviction. You will see who you can become by meeting alumni who make a difference in their chosen fields and in their communities.

It is truly amazing what you can accomplish and experience in a single day of boarding school. We’ve reduced the commute for you between classes and activities. Many graduates of TSAO boarding schools recall that the informal moments, i.e. the 1:1 with a teacher who helped you make a breakthrough, the laughter that fills the dormitory common spaces over an evening snack or beholding the quiet beauty of our campuses early in the morning create a lasting connection.

Access. Our schools are potent connectors of people, place, and program. Collectively, the TSAO makes it possible for students from every background to be at our schools by providing more than $100 million dollars of financial aid between member schools. The diverse and multidimensional outcome produced by our student populations cannot be duplicated in your local community and creates a distinct learning and social environment for your secondary school years.