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A goal of our schools is to promote a living and learning environment that produces student success. In all of our programs, students are afforded the ability to develop strong time management skills, social-emotional competencies, and guided independence. Throughout each day, students are allowed to structure their own free time. Free periods spread throughout our schedules allow students to meet with teachers, get a head start on their homework, or spend time with their friends. Outside of the academic day, all of our schedules allow time for sports and extracurricular activities so that they do not interfere with academic pursuits.

Each of our schools pairs students with a faculty advisor that is their main resource as they navigate a new place, a new schedule, and a newfound sense of responsibility. Your advisor will serve as the main organization of support for guiding all of your commitments and making sure you stay efficient with your time.

This combination of flexibility, accountability, and assistance helps prepare all of our students as they transition into college.