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Phillips Academy Andover


Andover describes its “Big Blue Nice” experience as the sum total of being at a school with 1,150 smart, engaged, and passionate students from around the world, working with brilliant, accomplished teachers, reaching out to communities near and far, with access to astonishing resources, while generally feeling a sense of limitless opportunity.

A Latin motto on Andover’s school seal translates as, “The end depends upon the beginning.” Andover is a place where students constantly discover new approaches and find the courage to take risks, while seeking out ways to reach out to people in need and work together with new communities, always making room for students to be their most honest, authentic, daring selves.

Andover was founded on the idea that education should be—must be—open and accessible to “youth of requisite qualifications from every quarter.” True to its constitution, Andover is one of the few independent schools in the country to admit students regardless of financial need; the official term for this is “need blind admission.” It’s also one of the few independent schools to meet 100 percent of each student’s demonstrated financial need, which it meets with grants (essentially scholarships), not loans. Nearly half of Andover’s students receive financial aid; the average aid grant for students is roughly $40,900. Andover admits students based on their achievement, talent, character, and promise—and then it ensures that students are fully supported.


180 Main St.

Andover, MA 01810

(978) 749 - 4050



School's Mission: 

Andover’s Constitution charges the faculty to teach “Youth from Every Quarter,” to aspire equally to knowledge and goodness. This obligation challenges students to develop what is finest in themselves and others, for others and themselves. Andover is committed to nurturing an intentionally diverse, inclusive community that encourages students and adults to respect, inspire, and learn from one another. Guided by the ideal of non sibi, leading lives “not for self,” the Andover community promotes a balance of intellectual curiosity, engagement, leadership, and service in the pursuit of excellence: academic, civic, and moral.

At a Glance

1,150 Students
50% Students Of Color
52 Countries Represented

21 Miles North of Boston


Student:Faculty Ratio

46% of students on Financial Aid


Admission Contact

Jim Ventre, Assistant Head of School for Admission and Financial Aid