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Timeline and Process

Below is a brief overview of the timeline for applying for Financial Aid:


On October 2nd, the School and Student Services (SSS) will launch the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) for the 2021-2022 academic school year. 

Mid-January through early February (the exact date will differ by school)

  • Indicate on your application for admission (in the Gateway Candidate Profile) that your family will be applying for financial aid.
  • Complete the Parent Financial Statement (PFS)
  • Upload a complete copy of your tax returns (1040, including all forms and schedules) and W-2s, if applicable, to SSS.
  • If self-employed, submit proper business tax return information.
  • If you have either an s-corp. or a partnership on Schedule E of your return, please upload directly to SSS the K-1 and corresponding Forms 1120-S (s-corp.) or 1065 (partnership). Since these documents are not “required” within SSS, please upload them as “Additional Documents.”
  • If you are an international student, please check with individual schools about the financial aid process as it does vary between our member schools. 


On March 10, Member schools will notify applicants about both their admission and financial aid decisions.