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Financial Aid

Commitment to Financial Inclusion

The Ten Schools Admission Organization (TSAO) member schools are committed to building diverse, equitable and inclusive communities. Core to our values is bringing together bright, hardworking, curious and engaged students of all backgrounds from across the country and the world, regardless of their ability to pay. Each of our schools has generous financial aid programs to ensure that our schools are accessible. In some cases, schools may also provide assistance toward supplemental costs. The TSAO member schools strive to ensure that students have an equitable experience and are equipped with the tools to thrive. During the 2019-2020 academic year, the TSAO members schools provided approximately $122 million in financial assistance.

At a Glance

Financial Aid awarded by TSAO Member Schools in 2020-2021


Percent student at TSAO Member Schools Receiving Financial Aid in 2020-2021


Amount awarded in Loans to students attending TSAO Member Schools