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About Us

Founded more than 45 years ago, the Ten Schools Admission Organization (TSAO) is a group of distinguished college preparatory schools working collaboratively to effectively communicate with, inform, and meet the needs of students and families hoping to learn more about all that the nation’s top boarding schools have to offer. This website is a starting point for that learning and exploration. It is a convenient, central access point for each of the ten schools’ individual websites; a place to learn more about TSAO recruitment travel and off-campus information sessions; a way to formally request information from any TSAO school; a collaborative site that helps streamline the admission process; and a resource repository to help families make informed decisions about their child’s education.

TSAO schools share high academic standards, a commitment to excellence, rich institutional histories, and a deep commitment to educating the whole student. They are places where students and faculty live, work, discover, learn, image, achieve, lead, explore, create, and grow. They are tight-knit communities of learners, whose diverse backgrounds, talents, and perspectives enrich and elevate every aspect of the boarding school experience.